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Research findings: The Challenge of Delivering Data Maturity for UK Government
Despite the adoption of modern technologies in the UK government, there remains a significant amount of crucial government data stored in outdated legacy systems.This data is spread across inconsistent and incompatible systems and databases, making it vulnerable to cyberattacks and insider threats, which weakens compliance and security. The government has been working to establish more consistent, agile, reliable, and secure data and digital foundations in recent years. However, it still faces long-standing systemic challenges in its efforts to transform the delivery of digital public services.

In May 2023, in collaboration with Total Politics, we conducted a survey of nearly 400 UK civil servants. This research-based white paper explores the utilisation of data, data storage, and access within UK government departments, focusing on senior-level decision-makers. The white paper identifies three central themes and offers important considerations for government departments to enhance efficiency and provide seamless, integrated digital experiences for the public.

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