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2021 Virtual Forum 
14 April | 10:00 CET | 30 Minutes Duration
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Rethink Business Processes in Legal Sector

Did you know that only 34% of law firms believe they are ready to keep up with digital transformation trends? Streamlining business processes, especially when working remotely, may prove challenging. In the legal sector, where you need to manage and access a lot of paper documents on a regular basis alongside digital information for processing claims and requests, the scale of the issue only escalates. 

It’s time to rethink and innovate your content management. 

On 14 April, at 10:00 - 10:30 AM CET our speakers will take a closer look at solutions and best practices for keeping track of your cases and share tips for making everyday workflows smoother and more efficient. 
Join us to explore how automated processes can:

  • enhance your clients experience
  • drive stronger service quality
  • simplify complex casework,
  • protect your silent information.

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Antti Hamara
Antti Hamara
Solution Architect, M-Files Corporation

Antti joined M-Files in 2011 after finalizing his M.Sc studies in Technology and serving a year as a CIS Officer in European Battlegroup. 
Now working as a Solution Architect, he helps customers produce more meaningful work with the help of Intelligent Information Management. 
Antti has worked with customers in all industries and sizes, enabling him to offer best practice solutions to most information management related business problems.
Kristoffer Meinich-Bache
Kristoffer Meinich-Bache
Business Development Executive, Iron Mountain Norge AS

Kristoffer started at Iron Mountain Norge AS in May 2020. He helps new and existing customers with their digital transformation by offering services that help maneuver companies from a physical document world to a digital one. There are many aspects associated with such a transition, ranging from costs, information flow and time-saving measures, which Kristoffer helps identify and address.
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